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Hall of Fame
Royal Father's Court
Slave Market
Pigeon Hole of Rituals
Public Execution
Independence Square
Entertainment in the Aircraft
You Too Can Play Music A Studio Experience
Eyo Masquerades
City of Blood
Kings Square -
Oba of Benin Kingdom
Oba Ovarenwen Square
Mystery of GuitarBoy & MammyWater Corner
Benin Ancestors
The Story of Joromi
Osogan - The Mysterious Monster
Gorilla simulated


Is it a crocodile? No! If it was a crocodile I would have told you.

Its is neither a crocodile nor alligator. The native fishermen and hunters gag crocodiles and alligators in their mouths becuase they hare dangerous and can kill with one big bite.

In the same vein, prisoners awaiting execution that were stubborn in those days were gagged because they would be dangerous


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