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Sir Victor UwaifoThe Revelation Centre is a down-to-earth revelation of life and times of people, events, history, culture and traditions and entertainment etc.

The sculptural works tell most of the mysteries and stories accurately by simulations of sounds and vision (unprecedented audio visual) animations and kinetic movements.

The Tourism Centre unfolds many things people have taken for granted. You’ll be several steps ahead of others who have not visited the Centre. Children and wards must be accompained by their parents and guardians so as to save them from nightmares because of the gruelsome and gory sights in some parts of the expositions.

You don’t know Nigeria, Benin City and the world until you see for yourself the Revelation Tourist Centre. You’ll walk more than a quarter of a mile within the complex and spend a minimum of two hours of personal experience.

Come and be part of history of our time and learn about the lost generation and great minds that have ever lived. You will appreciate life more than ever before after your visit.

You’ll explore, discover the unknown and forcast what the future holds for humanity - one world, a global village.

Don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop at the end of your visit on your way out before the exit door.


  visitors Visitors From Belgium posing with Sir Victor Uwaifo  
Staff of The Revelation Tourist Palazo

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